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Meet The MiLife Team

Seriously, Who Are These MiLife People?

Josh Sherry


TitlesLansing and Ann Arbor's Director of League Operations, Marketing, Intern Babysitter, and Social Referee 

BioJosh Sherry went to Davenport University for Business Management. Worked in a few different bars throughout his college years, and found himself in sales. Josh finally washed up on the shores of the Grand Rapids Sport & Social Club, and is now running the Clubs in Lansing and Ann Arbor.  Josh specializes in socializing (I'm not sure how that is even a qualification?), and drinking Miller Lite. He is good at climbing trees, jumping high, and swatting Bee's (Apparently he hasn't been stung in 20 years? Somehow we doubt that.) He's a health freak even though he'll say that he's not, and modeled for a magazine that no one's ever heard of.  If this was the "A-Team" he would be "Face"....Tyler will have to settle to be "Mr. T" then.

Peter Jonik
AKA: "The Commish" or "Peter Parker"

TitlesDictator of Fun, Master of Smiles, Director of Ann Arbor League Operations

BioPete recently broke out of the MSU prison and ended up on The Sport & Social Club's doorstep. He stole his education from Sparty Nation in beautiful East Lansing (Don't hold it against him), where he spent 4 years burning couches and chasing a degree just to beciome a Social Rockstar with us at the club!  He spent his early years on the east side of the mitten where he learned to drink Miller Lite and chase girls around by the age of 4 (watch out ladies). His smile/charm can't be trusted, nor can his claims to be poor at sports and drinking. Peter is an expert at all things with his hands, he can tune up a car, cut down a tree with one swing of an axe, and goes skydiving without a parachute and just an umbrella. 

The Most Interesting Man in The World 

TitlesThe Founder/Owner, Mastermind, Big Dog on Campus  

BioThe Godfather is a man of mystery.  He makes it out sporadically to the sports/events, but you'll never know who he is.  He's fluent in all languages, including two that only he speaks. Midgets look up to him and ghosts fear him.  Once while sailing around the world, He discovered a short cut.  Panhandlers give him money.  He does Calculus in his head and as a toddler he taught others to walk.  He doesn't sleep, he waits.  Chuck Norris was his Padawan Apprentice.  At the book store people crowd to see him read,  athletes seek his autograph, and his passport requires no photo.  There was a street once named after him, but it was quickly changed because no one crosses the Godfather.  Last year, he won the national karaoke competition with just sign language.  He doesn't flush toilets, he scares the s#%t out of them.  He slams revolving doors.  He doesn't dial the wrong number, you just answered the wrong phone.  He doesn't sleep, he waits.  He is the Godfather of the Sport & Social Club, creator of all that is good in this sport and social world.

~ Stay social my friends!

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