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What are the different skill levels?

MiLife advertises its sports based on a number of skill levels. Play at whatever level is comfortable for you, but remember, its all for fun!! This is a general classification and may vary depending on the league.

Recreational – For those that are just trying to have fun and maybe get a little exercise. No previous experience required.

Varsity – For the player/team with knowledge of sport and average or mid-level ability. The goal of this level is to have fun but in a competitive environment.

Allstar – For players who have college level experience or higher.

How do I register?

The quickest + easiest is to register through our website using a credit card (Visa/MasterCard). Simply find the league you are interested in and click on register for a league on the right side of the page. Then click on the register button. The first thing you need to do on our site is create a login by signing up on the site for the first time. You can sign up and create a login by either connecting through Facebook or creating your own username and password through this link: https://lansing.leagueapps.com/signup

How much does it cost to be a member?

Its FREE.99! Click here to become a member now and get updates on upcoming leagues and events!

How old do you have to be to participate?

To participate in any sports league/class, you must be at least 21 years old
*To attend our social events, you must be at least 21 years old.

What are my registration options?

There are three registration options:

Full Team – Team captains will create a team/team name, Each team member then needs to register themselves onto the team under the name created by the captain. You can pay as a full team and save money, or individually.

Small Group – This option is for groups of two people or more. The first person who registers will create a small group name. Each person following will register referencing the small group name as well as the name of the person who started the small group. This registration option does not guarantee placement.

Free Agents – This option is for players who do not know other people in the league or want to be placed randomly onto a team. This registration option can be changed into a small group registration at any time. This registration option does not guarantee placement.

I don't know anyone, how do I get on a team?

There are three registration options:

MiLife Sports specializes in finding teams for individuals. Just sign up as Free Agent and we’ll work to find a spot for you either on an existing team or if we have enough individuals, we’ll make a new team. Many of our long time players started out in MiLife as Free Agents placed on teams. As a Free Agent, we’ll contact you via email 3-4 days before the league starts with your team information and other details.

MiLife places, to the best of its ability, individuals on a first come, first serve basis. We are not always able to place all individuals. Individuals will be be provided a refund if we are unable to place you on a team. In coed leagues, a guy has a MUCH better chance of finding a team if signing up in a Small Group with a female. Please see below for all registration types.

Free Agent – I want to join a team by myself
Small Group – I want to be placed on a team with one or more friends or I have a full team but I do not want to pay for everyone. Please note that there is a minimum number of players required to become a team and each league will have a deadline for having all players registered. Please contact info@glsscsports.com for more info.
Team – I have a full team and I will pay the entire fee.

Is there a signup deadline?

Sign up deadlines are usually “2 weeks” prior to the start date of a league. This may vary due to how quickly the league is filling. Please note that many leagues sell out well in advance so make sure to sign up early.

How do I edit my roster/add players to my team?

Full Team – Team captains do not need each persons information. Each member of the team will register themselves onto the team roster using the team password set up by the captain.

Small Group – Small group members will just need the name of the small group and name of person who created the group.

Free Agent – Expect to receive your roster assignment via League Information + Schedule email 3 days prior to the start of your league.

What happens if I get injured?

Participants play with MiLife Sports at their own risk. Athletic endeavors can be inherently dangerous. MiLife does not provide health insurance to any players and does not refund players fees if they are injured nor are refunds given if you move, schedule changes, don’t like your team, sorry! Players should know the risks and think twice about playing if they do not have health insurance coverage.

What happens if it's raining on game night?

Do not assume the games are cancelled if it is raining where you are. We try our best to get games in and may wait until closer to game time to cancel a game. Please remember, sometimes game cancellation is out of our control. We use a number of city fields where the city will close the fields due to the weather, even though you may think it is playable. If games are rained out, we will post on Facebook, email the league, and call/text team captains.

What happens after I register? When will I know about my schedule?

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after registering. About 3 days before the start of the league, you will receive a League Information + Schedule email.

If you have any questions in the meantime, you can call (734) 545-8859 or email our League Communication & Sports Coordinator

What are the team captain responsibilities?

• Team captains should make sure that they have enough players to field a team each week by emailing the team and taking a roll call.
• Should there be any questions or concerns over the course of the league, it is the team captains responsibility to contact MiLife Sports.
• Captains are in charge of keeping their teams in check, communicating with the other captain on calls, paper-rock-scissors, and getting your teammates to the bars after the games.
• Captains are in charge of updating scores on our website; you can do this only if you’re a captain by logging into that sport, then clicking on schedule, where our system will prompt you to plug in scores.

What is a sponsor bar?

For all of our leagues we promote a sponsor bar. This is a place for all teams to go and get food or drink specials at a great bar close to the facility. In many of our leagues, the winning team owes the losing team a pitcher at the bar. Check the description for your league to see your specific sponsor bar and the specials they offer.

How long do we play for?

Most of our leagues run between 45 minutes to one hour. We list a window of time that each league runs for, and you will within that time frame. Your game times will rotate each week throughout the season. Games for timed sports (soccer, basketball, football) can be either 20, 22, or 25 minute halves depending on the league/sport. Consult our office for league specifics.

How do we get our T-Shirts?

Your team shirts will be delivered by a MiLife Staff at the first game of the league.

Have a bye the first week? We will have your shirts for you at your first game.

How do we handle tiebreakers?

In the case of a win-loss record tie between 2 or more teams, the winner is determined in the following order: 1. Head to head, 2. Team with less points scored against, and 3. team with higher point scored differential.

Does my sub wear my game shirt?

Subs do not wear a MiLife shirt, but rather a shirt similar in color to your team. The Sub must check in with a MiLife Sports staff member before playing to receive a MiLife wrist band for the night.

How/when does my team select a shirt color?

After your team is fully registered (secured), meeting the minimum players required for a team, the captain can then email josh@glsscsports.com with their team’s shirt color request. Any requests after the registration deadline are not guaranteed.

Can we use substitutes/subs?

Yes. You can bring on a friend to sub for a missing player, but your sub MUST be replacing an actual missing player, not just adding more people to your team. Your sub must check in with a MiLife Sports staff person before playing. Failure to do this may result in that sub not playing at all and or penalties to your team.

How do I cancel my registration, and when is the cut-off date for a refund?

You can email or call us to cancel your registration for a full refund anytime before the registration closes. Registration will close either on the deadline date or if the roster fills up, whichever comes first. Any cancelations after regular registration closes will not receive a refund. Sorry, there are no exceptions.

Will you add players to our full/secured team?

No, with a chance of maybe.
Please keep in mind that we have the right to add or reassemble teams as we see fit to accommodate all the registered players and to ensure we can run the games. We will do our best not to touch “secured” teams, but please try to be understanding if we have to find a home for a player or two.

I'm signing up for a full team, my people are slackers and haven't signed up yet, is my team spot secured?

Your team is only secured once ALL of your teammates have successfully registered on your team and paid in full, thus meeting the minimum players needed to qualify a secured team. If the roster has filled and/or closed before they had a chance to signup, MiLife will combine your partial team with another, making a full one. So, please make sure you and your teammates are ready to signup together so no one get’s left behind. REMEMBER – registration is first come, first served!

(you sign this before every league you register for)

MiLife Sports registration is first come first served, so this means that once we hit our max number of players registered (combination of captains, team players, and free agents) the registration will close automatically. If this happens when your team is still partial and “non-secured”, then you will be merged and/or moved to/with another team, at the sole discretion of the MiLife Sports. Partial, “non-secured” teams also are subject to having Free Agents placed on it. MiLife Sports will be as fair as possible, but once the registration is closed, no new players will be added, no paid players can be moved to another team, and refunds will not be issued. So, the bottom line is: Be sure to get all your friends signed up and paid before it’s too late. Be sure to consistently check your team roster to ensure everyone you want is on your team (It’s your captain’s fault if you leave a friend behind!) and that you made it onto the right team. Also, captains, be sure to secure your team with the right amount of players, otherwise MiLife Sports will do the filling!

Free agents, how does that work?

Free Agents: If you want to be paired with another or few free agents, simply email us and we will keep that as a note. Then, once registration is closed, please check to make sure you all landed on the same team. We have always been able to accommodate these small groups in the past without a problem. If you have a larger number of people that need to stay together, then we would suggest forming your own team, then recruit from the free agent pool to fill up your team.

At the end of registration, we will place Free Agents on teams that need them and/or create a new team of Free Agents. Regardless, once you pay to play, you are guaranteed to play, regardless of if you are a team player, captain, or Free Agent. Please note, if you fail to notify by the day of registration closing that you wanted to be paired with another Free Agent, we cannot guarantee that can happen, as we will immediately start assembling teams. It is your responsibility to tell us. Remember, we are not mind readers here 😉

How does the online registration work?

When you register, you have the choice to register as either:
1. Team Captain – starting a new team;
2. Team Player – joining a specific team; or
3. Free Agent (where captains can then invite you to their team or we will place you on a team)
Once registered, the captain can send invites to any of the free agents, which, if they accept, will automatically move them over to the captains team.
4. Small group

What's included in my registration fee?

You get a ton of awesome values!
+ 7 weeks of coed league playing Tomfoolery
+ An awesome collectable game shirt
+ Meet friends by the hundreds
+ Epic Social parties/social events
+ Beer/food specials after every league night
+ Equiptment & facilities provided

Double headers, how do those work?

Sometimes, we get an odd number of teams that signup to play. If this happens and we have the ability, we will schedule double-header games to make the season work. Not every team can play an extra game, so we choose teams at random to play the double-header. To keep it fair with win-loss records, the second game never counts for the team that is playing the double-header. It only counts for the team playing against them. This way, everyone will have a total of 7 games that will count towards their season record.

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